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Because I need things to read, and I need to get out of my own head and want to analyse and critique stories that didn't come directly from my own brain. 

So, I thought it would be a fun idea to offer "story coaching" to anyone interested. Not editing. God knows I don't have the patience and dedication for that. Instead, I'd like to offer free services doing what I'm good at: analyzing stories and improving story structure and characterization.

First of all, what I will NOT do:

- Read anything longer than approx. 1,000 words (I have a short attention span--sorry!)
- Read or beta read your actual prose/short story/novel
- Line edit, correct grammar or punctuation, give word choice suggestions, anything technical, etc.
- Give you advice on writing style
- Tell you you're doing "it" wrong (whatever the hell "it" is)
- Fanfiction (I just don't feel qualified since I'm an exclusive fangirl of nerdy shows like Firefly, Stargate, and Battlestar)

It's not that I don't want to do these things, but I know my shortcomings, and I'd only let you down if I tried.

What I WILL do:

- Read a story synopsis/outline/notes/plot/whatever you've chosen to brainstorm and/or plan your story
- Actually chat with you while you describe your story to me via Skype chat or the like
- Ask you lots and lots of questions about it such as, "Why are these events happening now?" or "Wouldn't it make more sense if your villain did X?" or "Why is your character willing to go to all this trouble? Would it strengthen your story if he was motivated by X instead?" Etc.
- Honestly tell you if your idea is solid or if needs some help and then:
- Give suggestions on how to improve the structure and characterization of your story. You obviously know your story better than me, so I'll just try to get thinking in the right direction. I have no desire to do the actual work for you. ;)

If you're interested, send me a note email a one page synopsis and your dA identity to Make sure your synopsis includes the main character arc, all the main plot points, and especially the ending! Here's a helpful article with suggestions and resources on how to write a synopsis.

Also include any specific questions you have about it or if there's any specific feedback you're looking for so I can be as useful to you as possible. And your Skype ID if you'd like to chat about out and get instant feedback/conversation.

Or you can send me the link to a deviation of your synopsis. 

If you're new to story structure and plotting, check out my story arc diagram to get started:

Story Arc Diagram by illuminara

I'd really love to hear your ideas and help whoever's interested to write some awesome, badass stories! 

There is no expiration date on this offer ... you know, until I give one. :XD: I'm offering to do this because I genuinely want to. I have no ulterior motives! I will not ask you to do anything for me in return. This is not quid pro quo. It's just free story coaching with no strings attached.

Spin me right round 

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Words Rage OnWell, here we are again in this tempest of a world. Who can blame us for being scared out of our wits? I, for one, am not inclined to care. But who am I? I'm a mere historian—no, a mere journalist to the occasion. I know nothing.
But still I write. On and on, the relentless march of words continues unbothered by the turmoil of the world. And who can blame them? They must be heard. Above the screech of war, the clamor of politicians, and the buzz of layman, they will be heard. No one can deny them voice.
Words rage on with their bold, black impressions upon paper and minds.
That is why I write, to make an impression. My impression. I have no stamp or sword, but I have words, and they are the most powerful thing of all. Bold and beautiful, they can shape the world or tear it to shreds in a single line.
Words will never die. 


Artist | Literature
United States
I like to consider myself a nerd with class--not so much because I'm classy but because I enjoy the classic things in life. I'm the kind of person who notices all the little specks of beauty and inspiration that tend to hide just out of sight everywhere we look, but I've been known to overlook giant billboards. I'm passionate about living a life of creativity and enjoy writing, design, photography, and architecture to name a few of my favorites.

I'm also a professional dog trainer. I bet that's a twist you didn't see coming! My dogs (and my clients' dogs) are incredibly smart, and they're always challenging me to find new and creative training methods and invent new tricks. They really are man's best friends. And let's face it, parkour is more fun with a border collie!

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