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Analogue April

Sun Mar 22, 2015, 10:39 AM
Because "I just need to cut back on my internet obsession for a while and focus on writing" doesn't have the same ring to it. I've been thinking about doing this for a while but haven't because of said internet obsession, but it's time to get serious.

I love writing, and I miss it. I used to write prolifically before I made excuses for why I did't have enough time. However, the truth is, I wrote the most when a) I didn't have an internet connection and b) I used writing as a way to procrastinate from doing something else.

I want to get back to that state of proficiency. Sure, I've been writing some fun short pieces lately, and I'm proud of the quality, but I have a TON of ideas I want to develop and I novel I still need to finish. That takes time, which I've been giving to the internet in gross excess rather than to creative pursuits. Which is dumb. I know I can write well and prolifically if I have any sort of intent to do so, so I'm gonna shut up and just do it.

Not that I'm going to give up the internet completely, but I'm going to limit my access to a more reasonable amount. Maybe an hour or two on weekdays and a little more on the weekends. Or if I get a lot of writing done and have nothing else to do.

So yeah, that's the resolution. I don't intend to post any new journals or polls in the month of April, but I'll still pop in and maybe post some new writing. When I come back, I hope to have accomplished at least one of the following:

  • Finish writing my novel "Dreamcaster"
  • Finish my article on how to plot character arc
  • Finish at least one short story
  • Create a fictional post-apocalyptic journal/commonplace book

So yeah, that's my resolution for the month of April. I also acquired funds for a new laptop (finally), so hopefully I can use that to motivate me instead of distracting me.

So how about all of you? What kind of creative projects are you working on? Do you spend too much time on the internet? Under what circumstances do you write most prolifically? 

My favorite comments about inspiration from my last journal:

GuinevereToGwen said: "The weirdest place where I've ever gotten an idea was waiting at a bus stop in a snowstorm. I was watching this kid with a broken leg making snowballs and throwing them as high as possible, and the second I was on the bus I whipped out my notebook and started scribbling."
WokenbladeRiku said: "I'm surprised no one has mentioned the "Love your cereal" thing. That caught my eye before the peanut maze, and it sounds like a story idea to me. I can think of a love story involving some sort of humanized grain having to cross this maze to reach his beloved one, but the journey is so long it starts driving him nuts (lol), he starts forgetting what drove him in the first place, drama, etc. Does he reach the end of the maze, or does he find a new objective on the way?"
Jake-Lee  said: "Most of my ideas come from when I'm working. I work as a night janitor at a high school. But my most creepiest ideas came from when I worked in a haunted elementary school."
@devBATTLEFAIRIES said: "I only remember one instance off the top of my head, and that was when I caught a glimpse of the series 'Roots', where the main character Kunta Kinte was going through his tribe's initiation ritual. I don't recall why, but I caught myself thinking 'what if someone were to ... NOT succeed in a coming-of-age test? What would happen to such a person?"

Also, a lot of you mentioned you get ideas regularly while using the toilet and in the shower. I think that must be a universal hotspot for creative inspiration! Any theories as to why?

OK, that's all. See you on the other side! Also, happy spring!

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I like to consider myself a nerd with class--not because I'm classy but because I enjoy the classic things in life. I'm the kind of person who notices all the little specks of beauty and inspiration that tend to hide just out of sight everywhere we look. I'm passionate about living a life of creativity and enjoy writing, design, photography, and architecture to name a few of my favorites.

I'm currently living in Ohio, and I work at a gun shop for my day job and train dogs as my side job. Not even kidding. I have an interesting life.

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