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Are you more into Legend of Korra or Bob's Burgers? 

19 deviants said Legend of Korra!
6 deviants said Both! Duh.
3 deviants said Bob's Burgers - American animation all the way!
3 deviants said Neither ... >.>
Last chance for story coaching before NaNo! More info here.

 I have a few free afternoon/evenings this week, so it’s the perfect last-minute chance for you to send me a synopsis of your NaNo story for coaching! I will literally be in a cafe all afternoon tomorrow (Tuesday the 21st), so send away! You can email your synopsis to, and feel free to request specific feedback. =D

Needless to say, I won’t be doing any story coaching during NaNo. Just lots of crying, screaming, pulling out my hair, and other antisocial behaviors. You have been warned. Emoticon twitch 

Oh yeah, this is a link to my original story coaching info journal.
Love dA Lit: Issue 184Welcome to the one-hundred eighty-fourth issue of Love dA Lit! F2U: Jack O Lantern  Every Sunday this article will aim to promote volunteer opportunities, various resources, prompts, challenges, and workshops, as well as highlighting various contests. This is by no means a complete list of all the literature going-ons, merely a tool to help you get involved and stay informed.
LITplease's Community Portal
:new:A Smattering of Lit News
LIT me explain u a thing Jan - June 2014

Literature Links | Workshops, Prompts and Challenges
  Synergy: October RegistrationDear Live-Love-Writers,
It is finally time to restart Synergy. This program is designed to give our members someone they can count on for help and readership by assigning participants in pairs. Each member in a pair will critique and guide the other, and pairs will take part in monthly projects, assignments, or contests to test their improvement.
Details on Synergy can be found here.
If you participated in the last Synergy session and would like to continue in the program, please send us a note with a link to your partner and a summary of your activity up until now (it's okay if there hasn't been any). Please let us know if you'd like to keep your partner or if you'd prefer a new one. Bonuses will be awarded on the 25th.
Registration is open until October 23rd.
To sign up for Synergy, please provide a comment on this journal with the following:
- a brief explanation of what you like and don't like to r
  Live-Love-Write Fall ProgramsDear members of the literature community,
Live-Love-Write is proud to announce a new lineup of programs and projects for the fall season. Please join us to participate in fun challenges, get to know your fellow dA writers, gain a year-long critique partner, win prizes, and more!
New Programs
:bulletorange: Whose Chapter Is It, Anyway? :bulletorange:
Our first new addition to the lineup! Participants will be given a prompt written by staff and take turns writing the next chapter of the story. The final completed novel will be published in The Quotebook, and writers will earn voted titles. This is meant to be a strong community effort, so hopefully we'll get to know each other very well. Registration for this program is now open here and will end on October 31st. The length of time devoted to each story depends on how many writers sign up, but our current hopeful

Ready, Set, NaNo!So it's that time of the year again and we're all racing around trying to get our bits together for NaNoWriMo.  OR, we're laughing at the people running around trying to get all their bits together for NaNo.  :giggle:  In the past, I've written articles on what NaNo is and how to prepare for it.  This isn't one of those articles.  Well, not entirely.  Let's start with the glaringly obvious.
What's the point of NaNo?
If you answered "To write a 50k Word Count Novel in a month's time," you're wrong.  NaNo is about conditioning writers to write regularly, keep those creative juices flowing and to work under pressure.  November is a busy month.  Students are back in school.  Parents are dealing with said students.  In the United States, we have Thanksgiving and of course everyone is getting ready for Christmas.  Add in clearing 1,667 words a day and we're talking about some major pressure.  But that's the poi
  NaNoWriMo Resources:bulletgreen: Write or Die
There are tons of activities for National Novel Writing Month but the most important is that pesky writing thing. To help with that you can use an online application like Write or Die to do some solo speed writing. You set the time and/or word count you'd like to reach and then select your consequence settings. During the time you must continually type or you will receive a negative consequence.
Write or Die really does put the prod in productivity with multiple consequence settings and a timer.
:bulletgreen: Spreadsheet
Track your progress! This will help you see how far you've come and how much you still need to accomplish. It's a great way to procrastinate too! There are loads of fancy and simple ones on the internet if you run a quick Google search.
I found this one on deviantART: NaNoWriMo 20
  Don't Panic: It's NaNoWriMo!“Perhaps I'm old and tired, but I always think that the chances of finding out what really is going on are so absurdly remote that the only thing to do is to say hang the sense of it and just keep yourself occupied.”  ― Douglas AdamsThe Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Don't panic, it's a stressful time for a lot of writers, but that's why we write. NaNoWriMo is easily one of the more terrifying events which wants you to do a lot of writing. Some people choose to write an entire novel and some people choose to do otherwise. The fun thing about this event is a lot of people are doing it and a lot of people are just as scared of going in blind as you are. This is the month were your strengths, your quirks, and your mild attention span will be tested with the name of the game: National November Writing Month.

Story Structure: Plot Points

A story without structure is like a body without bones: it’s messy and won’t get very far. Structure gives both you and your readers a clear sense of direction and purpose. If you check around for story structure outlines, many of them will based on Blake Snyder’s Beat Sheet. It is a basic plot structure, typically used in screenwriting. However, it can really apply to any media form because it follows a basic three act structure. This one is somewhat based on Snyder’s outline as well. Note that all of the elements of this outline are not completely set in stone, but this is a good structure for sequence of events. Sometimes it's hard to analyze exactly where every point of a story falls into the beat sheet, but you'll get the idea. The three most basic ingredients you need before you can fill out the details of this structure are: a protagonist, a goal
  11 Awesome Websites for Writers
Other writers I follow are constantly posting articles from this site, and for good reason! You don't have to be a teen to take advantage of their extensive writers-education articles on topics like character background, getting published, how to get good inspiration, developing ideas, writing prompts, and much more! They’ve also got a great Pinterest account and a Facebook group with a fun and helpful community.
If you’ve been in the online writing community long, chances
  The Fount of Knowledge and WisdomEvery two weeks, we will post lists of recommended literature and other media; these will range from entertaining to educational to just plain interesting. The first Fount list of the month will be Founder recommendations, and the second Fount list will consist completely of member recommendations. By sharing our varied interests and cultures, we will eventually attain enlightenment. (Ideally!)
To submit your recommendations to the Fount, please provide a comment on this journal with the following:
- title and author (or director, playwright, etc)
- date of publication/creation
- brief description (we prefer you provide your personal thoughts; please mention if you are using an official description)
- the type of media (literature, film, etc)
- genre (please provide only one)
We prefer suggestions for literature (fiction and nonfiction), but we welcome suggestions for every form of storytelling possible. These include films, TV shows, plays, anime, comics/manga, ballets and other dance
Star-Lord by alexiuss COLOR PRACTICE by Byzwa-Dher One Step Closer by MikkoLagerstedt Next stop: Earth by ErikShoemaker
The universe is within me by RazielMB
UndeadI opened my eyes to a beautiful face, but she wasn't smiling. 
"Good morning, Sunshine," she said totally deadpan.
I grinned, but something about my face felt off. Literally. Reaching up, I felt what was left of my cheek. The sticky blood and protruding bone should've sent me into fits of nausea, but I felt nothing. I groaned. "I always knew I'd end up a zombie." 
"Welcome to the club." She held out a hand to help me up. "It's not so bad. No, wait. It is."
On my feet, which thankfully weren't broken, I looked around. Nothing to see but small mountains of rubble and a smoky sky. "Where are we?"
"Oh, this? It's just a little simulation I like to call the apocalypses." She rolled her eyes and walked off, leaving me alone in the dim expanse of my afterlife.
I sighed. "Great, now I’m hungry."
  Project Analogue(Please excuse the irony in that this is coming to you in digital form.)
I’ve recently had the long-in-coming realization that no story is perfect. About time, right? I’ve always held up the idea that a story should be some shining beacon of brilliance, and while that might seem noble, it fails to recognize the beauty of imperfection. Every worth-while pursuit is built from a foundation of imperfection. This is a foundation of learning, experimentation, trial and error, growth, and refinement. I hope it’s not replaying an old record to say any attempt to build without that foundation will crumble and fall. Or, perhaps more accurately, it would be impossible to build in the first place.
So here I am, knowing all this but trying unsuccessfully to take it to heart in any practical way yielding results. I keep asking myself, among other things, why is it so hard to embrace imperfection? Yes, it’s known that I’m something of a perfectionist, but that shoul
 Dreamcaster Plot by illuminara
OK, bye! furious wave < Me in approximately two weeks. 

  • “Metaphors have a way of holding the most truth in the least space."

    - Orson Scott Card

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